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About Us


At Mended by Hand, we believe that quality massage enhances the body’s ability to perform at its best capacity. The benefits of massage are seemingly endless and include managing stress, combating depression and anxiety, relieving chronic and acute pain, preventing injury and maintaining and improving the body’s overall well-being. Our goal is to create a personalized experience based on your needs. In addition to a variety of massage services and aromatherapy, we are proud to offer in office and onsite wellness services including chair massages, wellness assessments, goal setting and coaching as well as aromatherapy classes. 

If you are visiting us for the first time, please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill out an intake form. We also suggest to drink plenty of water before and after your appointment for best results. 



Meet Ruth!

Ruth grew up in Africa as part of a missionary family and had her first massage on the magnificent shores of Bali. It was there that she first realized the extraordinary capacity of massage to facilitate the mending of the overall body, physically, mentally and spiritually. After attaining her certification in massage and body work, Ruth went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences from North Greenville University in Greenville, South Carolina. The combination of the degree and certification gives her a unique understanding of anatomy and physiology greatly enhancing her clients’ massage experience.

Since 2011, Ruth has served clients in medical and spa settings alike. Her greatest joy, aside from her faith and her family, is in helping people to realize the potential of the body to mend itself when properly maintained.  Ruth is skilled in a wide variety of techniques including infant, prenatal, hot stone, Swedish and deep tissue. She is also well-versed in the use of different oils to augment the wellness process both through massage and aromatherapy.