Our Jewelry Artist

Ma’amouls are delicious Lebanese cookies— a buttery semolina pastry filled with exotic dates, imported nuts, Mediterranean spices, and Middle Eastern essences.  Ma’amoul is also my grandmother name, three wonderful times over. This name has become a symbol to me of life’s sweet blessings and delights. 

Founded in faith and rooted in Kentucky, life’s journey has taken me from single to married and back again, bridging three continents and weaving a path through bluegrass and yellow roses to forests of rain, sandy Saharan heat, and valleys of French chateaux. While raising four wonderful children and learning new languages and cultures, there has been both excitement and adventure, challenge and discovery. 

In this new season of life, like Spring’s return following a long, hard winter, creativity has been a sign of renewal, affirming the presence of blossoming hopes and dreams.  Each unique piece of jewelry starts with an essence carrier or purposeful stone. Beads, ribbon, wire, paper, or glass are added to craft a blessing in color and texture.