The History of Mended by Hand Massage and Wellness

Originally my vision for Mended by Hand was centered around the idea of exotic massage experiences and a desire to brings tastes of the world to each treatment. I spent my childhood traveling the world with my missionary family, living in three different countries and visiting countless more. When I reached adulthood, however, I realized that travel would be more of a dream than an annual happening.

Since I have always felt called to help people in their healing, I decided to enter college as premed focusing on physical therapy. It took some time to hear back from the schools, so, acting on the suggestion of an advisor, I enrolled in a year-long massage program. It would be very complementary to my physical therapy practice, and who doesn’t love a massage, I reasoned. Throughout that year, I received confirmation after confirmation that massage was the path on which I needed to stay. When you find something you love doing and that something fits with your heart’s desire, in this case, to aid with people’s healing, you stick with it. I pursued a degree in health and wellness promotion at North Greenville University which even furthered my drive to empower people to take charge of their own health.
After graduation, I had the opportunity to work in a few different spas as a massage therapist, business manager, and in various medical roles. It was eye-opening to be in the “real world” and surrounded by so many people who were unhappy in their work, preventing their practices from reaching their full potentials. This was not an environment where I wanted to stay. I yearned to be in a place where I could invest myself and have others invest in me. I finally found that place and will be forever grateful to the professionals with whom I worked learning how to share a piece of myself with each treatment given. But life happened, as it often does, and after a move and the birth of my first daughter, I decided it was time to make my own dream happen.

At Mended by Hand Massage and Wellness, my greatest desire is for each person who comes in to experience mending on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I want each person to learn the power of their own bodies to live, perform and heal, to know that they are in charge of their health and furnish them with tools to persevere in their journey to wellness. I am awed at the healing I have witnessed in these past few years through offering a wide range of services including massage, wellness counseling and support, and essential oil education. Each service and each moment spent with a client is focused on this idea of mending, putting the pieces back together, restoring health by hand in an environment of encouragement and support, no matter the stage of the journey. I still try, however, to bring some exotic flavor into each encounter thus blending treatment and relaxation into a personalized experience. My big dream is to continue partnering with other like-minded practitioners thus improving and expanding on every opportunity to help others find healing. Mended by Hand Massage and Wellness is an ever-evolving concept and I’m eager to see God’s plan for it.