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Carol Chamberlain

I have been receiving monthly massages from Ruth for the last 4 months and she is awesome! She is very attentive to my needs and always goes above and beyond to make sure I leave feeling relaxed. She is great at pinpointing a trouble spot and making it disappear. My only regret is waiting so long to make my first appointment. Highly recommended!

Jenny Castillo

One word: AMAZING!

Brandy Millwood

Ruth is an amazing massage therapist. She asks very insightful questions and works hard to help you work on your problem areas. She researched specific techniques and pressure points to help me. She goes out of her way to make sure her clients have the most enjoyable experience. I can’t recommend her enough!

Steve Bradley

Massage is the best that I have had and also have greatly benefited from purchasing essential oils to use in my home. I would recommend getting in touch with Ruth to discuss overall services and products available.

Jennifer Elkins

Great massage therapist. She makes you feel very comfortable and listens to what area you need to focus on. Highly recommend.

Isa Herrera

Ruth has a special and wonderful touch. She is great at finding all the knots throughout your body, even the ones you didnt know existed! I am always bragging about her with my friends. If you in need of relaxation, you need to come see Ruth. I highly recommend her.

Gina Perry

Ruth always takes such good care of me! I've been having problems with my neck and shoulder for awhile and she worked me in the other day when I desperately needed her! I feel so much better after I visit mended by hand!! Ruth is amazing :$

Cheryl Garretson

Ruth is an amazing massage therapist. She always leaves me drooling or snoring. LOL Seriously, she makes me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I always feel so relaxed when I walk out of her office. I highly recommend. I will be back. :-)

Tabitha Bramblett

Have you ever had a massage by someone who just doesn't listen to you? They ignore what you have to say about what hurts. They don't respond to your requests for deeper or gentler pressure, they don't really know how to address certain specific muscle groups......Yes, you are not the only one. Here's the good news......Ruth LISTENS. When I explain my aches and pains in my very limited anatomy speak, she is able to decipher my actual needs and addresses them every time. I am not sure what the "knobby things" on the back of my skull just behind my ears are called, but they get horribly swollen and painful. Ruth works some special magic and voila! pain and swelling completely gone the next day. Go see her....she is totally worth it!!

Sally Boyd

Gifted, tender, competent hands. Ruth builds on her knowledge of scientific, foundational practices with various therapeutic modalities to provide a healing touch. Wholistic approach. Artistic and creative care. Beautiful experience each visit.

Robert Womble

This was a great experience. As an officer, this helped me physically and mentally. I would recommend this service to anyone who has a stressful and demanding job. I will be coming back soon

Brittany Cregar

Very good experience! Plan on bringing my husband! Great job!

Tracy Shields

The BEST massage therapist I have ever been to!